How much does a broker earn

Working in housing brokerage can be an attractive profession for many. The person who goes to a viewing of a home may be tempted to be the one selling homes instead. Not least because it can seem like a profession that can make a lot of money.

But how much does a broker actually earn?

How much does a broker earn?

The average annual income for a broker is between SEK 300,000 and SEK 500,000. A small percentage of all Swedish brokers earn over a million in a year. There are also top brokers who earn over six million in a year, but of course this is rare.

So how much does a broker earn per month? The calculator shows somewhere between SEK 25,000 and just over SEK 40,000, but according to the Union, the market salary is between SEK 38,000 and SEK 62,000 per month.

Salary depends on several parameters

Brokerage can therefore be a lucrative profession, but it is also very dependent on the state of the market. Brokers usually work on commission only, which means that if they don’t sell, they don’t get paid either. It is therefore a profession that may seem difficult. Brokers who don’t do so well often change industries after a few years.

On the other hand, if you are a good salesman and good at everything a broker does, you can earn up to two hundred thousand crowns a month in your best years.

How much does a real estate agent earn on a house? Of course, this is difficult to answer depending on what the house is selling for and how the brokerage fee has been negotiated. A broker may retain between twenty-three and thirty percent of the commission they collect for the brokerage firm. The remainder will cover office costs etc.


It’s easy to think that a broker can easily make big money, but there’s a lot of work behind the revenue. It’s not just opening the doors to various objects on a Sunday or Monday and then saying katjing.

A broker is responsible for contact with the seller and with potential buyers. It is important to build up both trust and a network of stakeholders who can be contacted when the right object comes up.

The estate agent is also responsible for ensuring that the property is photographed and possibly styled. Brokers usually work every Sunday and Monday, as this is traditionally when home viewings take place. The broker also handles negotiations and draws up contracts between buyers and sellers. In addition, there are many other tasks involved in the profession.

Is real estate a fun job?

Your question about how much a broker earns is, of course, only one of the aspects to consider when choosing a profession. Enjoying your career choice is important in many ways. If you enjoy meeting a lot of people and have no problem handling a lot of responsibility, brokerage could be for you.

It’s a varied job in many ways, but it also means working inconvenient hours. Often you need to be on call when bidding heats up, and of course you need to be on hand for home viewings on Sundays. This can be a disadvantage for many people with school-age children, for example, as there is only time to spend together at weekends and in the evenings.

Of course, it can be fun for the interested to familiarize themselves with different houses as well as areas. A good estate agent has a good understanding of the surroundings and understands people and what they are looking for. Sometimes an estate agent may also be asked to find a property for a buyer who is looking for something specific.

In some areas there are always interested buyers and in others there are almost never any. Depending on the areas you work in, your salary may also be different. The same applies to the shape and development of the housing market. In good times, it may be easy to make your money, but when the economy gets tougher, it gets tougher for you as a broker.

Different high income

How much does a female broker earn? Unfortunately, female estate agents’ salaries are below average while men’s salaries are above average. The brokerage profession is still male-dominated and women are more present in the lower ranges.

The big sales, which bring in big money, are still dominated by male brokers. This is of course outrageous in the same way as the pay inequalities we see in many other parts of society. However, more women are entering the profession and we can only hope for a change.

Agency in Spain

Many Swedes want to buy a home in Spain. For the retired couple, living in Spain during the winter months can be wonderful and many people have the finances to do so.

For those who are brokers and want to work in Spain, the opportunity is there but it is of course a great advantage, if not a requirement, to speak and write good Spanish. Keep in mind that you will be drawing up contracts and mediating between parties of different nationalities, so a good level of language skills is of course needed.

But how much does a broker earn in Spain? When selling a property in Spain, the estate agent receives a commission of 5% of the purchase price. Often there is a buyer’s broker and a seller’s broker who then share this amount equally. Depending on how many properties you broker in a year and in what price range these properties are, you may earn more or less well.

Varying salaries

So back to your question. How much does a broker earn? And perhaps most importantly, how much does a broker earn in Sweden? In conclusion, it looks very different. You need to be driven and ambitious if you want to make big money and it is a clear advantage if you can get into the segment of really big sales.

It goes without saying that if you sell a property for twenty million, you can be really happy with your fee, even when the estate agency has taken its cut. If this is the type of sale you make, you will be able to earn good money as a real estate agent, but of course it also places high demands on your professional skills.